Unleash Your Family [SIGNED Paperback]

  • Unleash Your Family [SIGNED Paperback]

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When the world went into quarantine most families were panicking, Ben Crawford used his business acumen to see the crisis as an opportunity - especially for his family. His family made a quick pivot based on skills they have built with intention and turned the chaos into creativity. In one week they helped their kids find purpose, launch businesses and even write a best selling book. Ben will take you through a fast-paced week of living with his family, that will transform yours. The book is a bargain read, that will blow your mind with wisdom, compacted into only one hour of your time.

Ben discusses a wide range of underlying motivations that parents face as well as offers specific examples and suggestions including:

How we ran 110 miles in one week with kids

The exact schedule we used to write a #1 best seller

How we accomplish bucket lists on a weekly basis

Ideas to set up your home to promote learning

Ben Crawford is raw, transparent and unconventional. With his unexpected fearlessness in life, business and family, he continues to bring a notable Return on Investment that will teach and provoke you out of your stuck-in-a-rut autopilot. If you played two truths and a lie about Ben Crawford, you’d have to be a creative lier to keep up with his truth. He has won millions through blackjack. 3.5 million people have seen one of his children be born on his successful you-tube channel. He owns 7 houses on one street, one that he let his kids re-hab with no supervision on a 45K budget. Did I mention he has 6 kids? His family was the largest to finish the entire Appalachian trail. They’ve run innumerable marathons as a family, and all while keeping his marriage thriving for 20 years. In business, he won Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst and Young in 2013, made millions by 30 with customers like Facebook and Google, and retired in his early 30s to continue experimenting with how to do family, and take on personal challenges like writing a book in a week. And I’m sure while you were reading this he’s had 10 new ideas. Not that he wouldn’t stop to have a cigar by the fire with you, if you stopped by.

“I got more done on my first day than I did in 6 months!”
- Steve Zan (Corporate Banker and Father of 5) ★★★★★

“Ben’s book was just the wake-up call I needed."
- Kendall Elizabeth ★★★★★

“Right to the point, short, practical. I downloaded it, finished it in one hour and knew what I wanted to change. The next day I felt more energy to be productive
- Tatjana K. ★★★★★